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Please keep the transaction receipt with you at all time to proof the date of purchase when necessary.

This Warranty covers the ORANGE ELECTRONIC Tire Pressure Monitoring System product only.
Unless expressly provided for, this does not include accessories or consumables items such as batteries.

Warranty does not cover "Tire Valves" and "Screws for Tire Valves", all the tire valves and the screws will need to be replaced with new tire valves and screws when rotating tires, changing of tires, and changing of Wireless Transmitter sensors, (Whenever a wireless transmitter sensor is installed or reinstalled with a new tire valves" and "screws for the tire valve" must be used).

This Warranty is invalidated if the defect is caused (howsoever) by wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, rough handling or abuse. It is invalidated if unauthorised persons carry out any alterations or repairs.

This Warranty is not valid for product purchased from non-authorised dealers or from overseas (unless applicable international warranty applies)


Only use Orange TPMS replacement sensors (these can be purchased from Agents). The TPMS sensors cannot be replaced by other brands.

The power connection is NOT COMPATABLE with USB interface; please do not plug in any USB devices.

Lynlex appreciate your support and purchased the product thru us.