GAT Brake Cleaner 500ml

GAT Brake Cleaner 500ml
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GAT Brake Cleaner, the acetone-free formula is based on a special type of white spirits. For quick and easy cleaning of drum and wheel disc brakes, clutch parts, brake linings and blocks.


  • Removes oil, dirt and greasy deposits
  • Highly-effective ingredients do not harm friction materials or seals
  • Dampens harmful brake dust
  • Evaporates residue-free
  • Suitable for cleaning of heavily contaminated machine parts
  • Free of CFC, HFC as well as of any corrosive substances


  1. Shake can well before use
  2. Spray liberally from a distance of approximately 20cm on all parts to be cleaned and allow product to react and evaporate
  3. Wipe parts with a clean cloth
  4. Repeat in case of strong contamination
  5. Always test brakes properly after cleaning